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What Does your Music Style Say about You?

Music is an expression of personality and emotions. This is why your favorite music style is closely associated with your nature as the person, your aspirations, fears, and dreams. A lot of people generally love music, but one way or another, they would always find themselves feeling attracted to a certain genre.

There are certain boundaries and characteristics that set every musical style from the other. But sometimes they would overlap, expressing the contradictions we deal with as human beings. So what does your favorite music style reveal about your personality?

Classical Fans:

If you love classical music, then you have a lot of self-esteem. You are not afraid of being yourself in a world where everybody is trying to fit in. Classical music fans are intuitive and tend to find patterns to predict future possibilities.

The “Mozart Effect” suggests that classical music lovers are usually smarter than other people. They love challenges and are very creative.

Metal Fans:

Metal music fans are closely related to classical music lovers. Although their music is loud, they usually live in their own world which is accentuated with details from their favorite music. These are introvert philosophers.

Metal fans are ready to spend their time alone if they can’t find anybody they can relate to and open up with. They believe in their ideas and reflections of the encounters they face. They don’t rely on numbers, facts or tangible information to make decisions. As a matter of fact, what they believe and feel matters the most. Metal fans are usually very sensitive although their favorite type of music is usually dark and shocking.

Pop Fans:

Pop lovers are extroverts, funny and outgoing. But they lack the creativity and usually feel the need to blend in. Pop lovers follow the flow, so you will not see them taking things into their own hands.

They are fun to be around, are friends with everybody but they just seem too scared to express their own feelings. They would rather be loved and accepted than anything else.

Rap and Hip-Hop Fans:

These people just love to party. They love life; they believe in themselves and are not afraid to show their true colors. They are usually vibrant and will attract your attention the minute they step into a room. Their high self-esteem can become a little bit too much when they start to boast, which is a common theme in rap and hip-hop art.

Rock Fans:

Rock music fans believe in their intuition. Things don’t have to make sense if they believe they are true. They like to dream, think about the future and explore options. They are not afraid of taking risks even if they seem hard to calculate.

Classic rock fans are very hard workers. They are considered to be more down to earth than alternative rock lovers. On the other hand, Indie and alternative rock lovers are more attractive than everybody else. Rock lovers make the rules but don’t necessarily follow them. If you know a rebel, they are probably avid rock fans.

R & B Fans:

These people are emotional and are not afraid to show their vulnerable side. Music triggers a lot of their emotions. These are the people who will probably have one track that they keep on playing all day long. They are somehow selfish as they prefer to live in their world.

So, which one are you? Does your favorite music genre really show who you truly are?

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