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Review of La Lucrezia

As the curtain closed on another successful concert put on by The Miami Bach Society, guests were left to soak in the remnants of a magical evening. La Lucrezia featured the astounding soprano vocal stylings of Yetzabel Arias Fernandez, Patricia Lavail on recorder, Jay Bernfield on viola de gamba and direction, and Justin Taylor on harpsichord. If that sounds like a strange but delightful ensemble of instruments, that’s because it was. The recorder was an unexpected sound in the blissful harmonies between viola and harpsichord. The musicians clearly had a kinship with their art; each completely in synch with their melody and section. The crowd seemed entranced; with every change in movement, the eager guests swayed and appreciated the direction each movement took. We were especially struck by the pleasant and warm demeanor the musicians shared with us during the meet and greet. It was overall and delightful, spectacular, and moving concert that should not be missed next time they come to Miami. Speaking of, they’ll be back in our colorful city in the summer of 2018 to perform at the Tropical Baroque Music Festival.

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