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Music Preference: Individual and Situational Influence

The psychology of music is highly associated with the psychological factors on how the people prefer different kinds of music. Music is heard and interpreted in various ways, it involves the regulation of emotions to the development of the cognitive function of the brain. More so, music preference has to tell a lot of how a person expresses his self or herself.

There are situations that can influence the preference of an individual with their type of music. In a study, it has shown that people prefer to listen to a type of music in a given situation. The situation can indicate their musical preference.

Male and female can be very different when it comes to their own preference of music. A survey shows that most of the female music lovers tend to listen to pop music such as Taylor Swift’s songs and as well as pop rock music such as Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande’s songs. While on the other hand males tend to listen to electronic music or known as EDM, artists like Martin Garix and Calvin Harris music, also males listen to hip hop music or rap music, songs coming from the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Jay-z, and Eminem.

Age can also be a factor in one’s musical preference, survey shows that newer generation today from the age of nine to twenty-five most likely to listen to music such as electronic music, hip hop, pop rock and rock music, while on the other hand, the older ones tend to listen to classical music from the seventy’s to ninety’s.

Season of the year can also be a music preference for example if it is Valentine’s Day most people tend to listen to love songs which probably be a classic one. Every season has its preferred kind of music one more example is on Christmas, just as your calendar hits November radios tend to play jolly and lively music related to Christmas.

Familiarity is very influential in terms of listening to music, as days or years go by peoples preference on music changes just like on the seventy’s and eighty’s people tend to listen to hard rock or heavy metal song and in the ninety’s it change people listen to rap, reggae, rock, and ballad. In today most of the people in this generation tend to listen to electronic music or EDM which is mostly played by parties.

Self-perception, you yourself will always have your own favorite music people may not understand why it is because you are unique and it is the same to others, others might have their own favorite song that you may not understand why.

The mood is a factor in choosing the right kind of music. People that are happy tend to listen to a fast beat or lively music while on the counterpart people that are sad listens to light music that can go along with their mood, or if you are somewhat in love you listen to love songs more and more.

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