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Improve Health and Wellness with music

Music accompanies us through the course of life. People who have the talent to sing and play musical instruments are beautiful. Recent studies have shown that music can improve our overall health, it can improve the mental and physical state of a person. Below is the science-based evidence that music can improve the health and wellness of a person.

Music can make a person happy. Music is addictive just like drugs, sex, and delicious foods music can make you very attached to it that you don’t want to get away from it. A study states that listening to music makes your brain release a chemical which makes you more motivated and addicted this chemical is called dopamine

Music can enhance running performance. Music is said to be an energizer when you are working out, study shows that listening to music while running or doing other physical activities can make your performance better in a little bit because your brain will react to the beat of the music.

Music can reduce stress and improve health. Music can take away our attention from our problems, it will destruct you to help you not to think about the things that are bothering you. Listening to music makes you relax your mind and having less stress can make you healthier and look younger.

Music can induce sleep. Listening to music will indeed make you feel sleepy, but it also varies on what kind of music you are listening. A study shows that music that has slow beat and low vo lume can make you sleepy faster, it is said that music beat has a connection from your heartbeat which is why slow beat music can make your heart beat slower in a sleeping state that is why you will feel sleepy when you listen to slow beat music.

Music can reduce depression. Some doctors use music therapy on their patients that are suffering from depression, it is said that music can reduce anxiety and muscle tension and it increases self-confidence and it motivates you.

Music can strengthen the learning and memory ability of a person. It is said that music can enhance your memory and motor skills. Music can make your brain more active which results in a better memory and motor skills.

Music can be used as a relaxation technique. If you want to unwind or get away from the chaotic world that we have music can help you with it. Music can take away your attention from the inside world and focus only on yourself.
Music can reduce pain. Our body has itself called morphine or scientifically called opioids that can be found in the brain, the study states that listening to music can trigger the opioids on the brain which can help your body ease with the pain and discomfort that you fell.

This science-based evidence can highly support the music and art programs offered. May the music reach through the ears of the people, so they can gain its numerous benefits.

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