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What is Baroque Music

Music Preference: Individual and Situational Influence

The psychology of music is highly associated with the psychological factors on how the people prefer different kinds of music. Music is heard and interpreted in various ways, it involves the regulation of emotions to the development of the cognitive function of the brain. More so, music preference has to …

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What Does your Music Style Say about You?

Music is an expression of personality and emotions. This is why your favorite music style is closely associated with your nature as the person, your aspirations, fears, and dreams. A lot of people generally love music, but one way or another, they would always find themselves feeling attracted to a …

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Improve Health and Wellness with music

Music accompanies us through the course of life. People who have the talent to sing and play musical instruments are beautiful. Recent studies have shown that music can improve our overall health, it can improve the mental and physical state of a person. Below is the science-based evidence that music …

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5 Interesting Things about the Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

You’ve probably heard it if you have ever been to the movies. A lot of people describe it as horrifying, scary and spooky. But we know for sure that it is extremely special. The Toccata and Fugue in D Minor is a special piece of music that gained fame and …

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