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Baroque: The Art of Incoherent Details

Some people are extremely interested in knowing more about the origins of words and terms that are widely used. Most of them have an interesting story to tell. The term “Baroque” is now a staple in the world of art. But what is the story behind this term? Why was it used to describe different kinds of art?

The word” Baroque” refers to all the art, poetry, architecture, music works that flourished in Europe from the beginning of the 17th century till the end of the 18th century. The word is actually Portuguese. Barocco is a pearl that has an irregular shape. This term was used to express irregularity that made art interesting and unique.

When did The Baroque Art Come to Live?

In the early 17th century, a music critic used the term “Baroque” to describe the music content of the Hippolyteet Aricie, a French opera that generated a lot of mixed reviews. This particular word was meant to show that the music lacked coherence and harmony.

Later on, the term lost its negative notion as it spread across Europe. It was later used to describe various forms of art. Like music, the Baroque style was all about using movement, contrast and numerous details. The sense of awe that would attract the recipient depended solely on surprising them by different and unexpected details that don’t necessarily match. This is why; historians describe the Baroque style by being extremely extravagant.

Same Name-Different Styles:

The Baroque style of music broke free from all the classical notions that were meant to keep things in harmony. Singing was usually harsh, unexpected and probably unnatural which is extremely different from the classical and Renaissance styles. New music forms were invented like the concerto and the Sinfonia. Moreover, music work was usually full of ornaments that added a distinctive style.

Thanks to the Baroque period, we now know the ballet and the piano. Classical court dancing evolved into the classical ballet as the first ballet school was founded. The piano was invented earlier in Italy, but it is during the Baroque era that it became extremely popular to use.

The Baroque movement reached its peak in the 18th century when it was later called the Rococo. The art pieces created in this era were more sophisticated, detailed and extravagant than the pieces created in the Baroque era. In music, the style was called Style Galante or elegant. Music was sensual and full of embellishments which made the music more expressive.

Various Forms of Art:

Different countries had their distinctive applications of the Baroque style. In Italy, the early Baroque buildings seem noticeably empty compared to buildings accomplished later on. During the High Baroque era, more ornaments were added to accentuate the details. In France, the style was a little bit subtler and depended more on measurements.

In Bavaria, artists adopted the Baroque style to the fullest. Music, paintings and architecture accomplishments show a lot of details that work beautifully to create a unique artwork. The most noticeable musicians took the audience by surprise, using unusual instruments and notes to create music pieces that would influence other musicians in the future.

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