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What Made Bach a Musical Genius?

While we all enjoy Bach’s compositions and don’t deny his genius, what was it that made him a genius? Here we’ll explain our take on his intellect, musical talent, and personality that makes him a prime candidate for the genius title.

Johann Sebastian Bach came from a long line of critically acclaimed musicians. His father was the town musician in Eisenach, Germany, and taught John how to play the violin. At 10, he became an orphan after the deaths of both his parents. He was taken in by a church organist where his love for music grew with his commitment to his Lutheran faith. At school, Johann exemplified his further musical talent by singing. He would sing lead soprano for the school’s choir, and at home, would continue to play theviolin and the organ.

As an adult, his talent was recognized by the royals in Europe. He became the post organist for the court of the Duke of Wilhelm Ernst. At this point in his life, he wrote the coveted Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.  Later, in 1717, Bach accepted to be the main musician for Prince Leopold of Anhalt-Cothen. Bach wrote dozens of pieces on violin, as well as other instruments. His ability to play nearly all instruments flawlessly as well as sing was impressive to all.

Later in his life, despite beginning to lose his eyesight, Bach performed for the kind of Prussia. The piece he played was created on the spot and was later refined and named “Musical Offering” for the king. Bach’s favor with the royals is ademonstration of how truly talented he was. One did not simply wake up one day and decide they wanted to perform music for royalty. It was earned through his hard work, natural talent, and aninsatiable love for music. For these reasons and many more, Bach was a genius.