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Aeration Of a Lawn Can Lead to Its Healthy Growth

The roots of grass need air so that there is a proper passage for water and nutrients that are essential for their growth. Aeration of a lawn remove plugs of soil that have formed so that the air is able to reach the roots. You can carry out this process by hand, but it is tedious work. You can also get mechanical aerators or use other organic products that will ensure such aeration.

Use Of Mechanical Aerators And Organic Products

Mechanical aerators can be those which have spikes that are driven into the ground to create the necessary openings for the air to get through. These spikes will actually cause some compaction of the soil, and this can make it difficult for water to get through to the roots. Spike aerators are best for soil that has a higher sand content, and not recommended for clayey soils, where they cause greater compaction. Core aerators are devices that remove small plugs of soil from the lawn and allow the air to reach the roots. Aeration can lead to a reduction in weed formation, nutrients being able to reach the roots, and to avoid compaction of soil. It increases growth in the grass as there is improved oxygen circulating among the roots, while it helps the roots to absorb fertilizer better and also helps the activity of organisms like earthworms that can be friendly to grass.

Healthy Grass Growing Techniques

Aeration of lawns is best undertaken when the grass stops growing just before winter because it needs to build up its nutrient levels to ensure survival in the winter. The soil also gets a chance to recover, because the aeration allows it to get more space. Fertilize your lawn after you have aerated it properly. You can also aerate a lawn by introducing earthworms into it. These earthworms create tunnels throughout the soil and also break down organic matter. This makes it easier for the grass roots to absorb nutrients. There no side effects from the introduction of earthworms. You can obtain earthworms from a nursery or other stores in any city. It is also possible to aerate a lawn by adding liquid lawn aerators. These are organic liquids that break down clay and compacted soil so that some openings are created for the air.

Judge the need for aeration by driving a screwdriver into the soil on your lawn. If it goes through easily, your lawn is already well aerated. If it does not, you will need to take the necessary steps to aerate the lawn. You can hire out lawn aerators if you do not possess one, or buy one if you think you can afford it, as the use of aerators is very limited. You may not need to aerate a properly aerated lawn, more than once or twice a year. For small lawns, it is very easy to aerate them by walking on a lawn with spiked shoes that have long spikes. Make sure you cover the entire area uniformly and do so without damaging the lawn. An aerated lawn will absorb water faster and you may need to adjust the amount of water that you use. For moreĀ  information click here atĀ https://ziehlerlawncare.com

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