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10 Reasons to Start Listening to Classical Music

Did you know that music plays a big role in our environment and how it affects us? Most people are highly affected by their environments and improving it can increase their productivity, concentration, and peace of mind. We’re sure the Miami Bach Music readers know that classical music is wonderful for the mind and body, but here’s a list of other reasons you haven’t heard before!

  1. Classical music increases dopamine secretion which leads to a positive mood and a happier disposition. This is especially useful if you suffer from extreme mood swings or general moodiness.
  2. It relieves pain. Patients suffering from chronic pain often listen to classical music, sometimes as a replacement for pain medication. It’s often played in the background of pain clinics and physical therapy centers.
  3. It decreases your blood pressure, reducing your risk for stroke and heart attack. High or low blood pressure are extremely dangerous and need to be balanced in order to keep your body functioning properly.
  4. Listening to classical music reduces your stress levels. Scientists think it has to do with the music’s smooth tempo being similar to a heart beat. Next time you’re really stressed out about something, try putting on classical music and see what happens.
  5. It improves your productivity. Many offices play classical music in the background and employees are able to accomplish more and focus easier. This is especially true for remote workers or people who work from home.
  6. Classical music can improve your memory by increasing the brain wave activity related to memory function. Play classical music while you study for a test or need to remember important pieces of information.
  7. It helps you sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, try playing classical music for an hour before bedtime. Try to not look at phone or computer screens during that time; dim the lights and focus on the movement of the music.
  8. It makes you a better student. Students who listened to a lecture with classical music in the background got better grades on that class’s exam than students who didn’t. Many cafes on college campuses will play classical music around exam time to help their student patrons.
  9. Listening to classical music can ignite your creativity. Something about the history and background of such old and beautiful music is inspirational.
  10. Classical music has been used to successfully treat depression and anxiety. When you feel a panic attack coming on, press play on classical music and embrace the melodies. It’s been known to calm people with anxiety and sooth their panic.

There you have it, folks! Classical music can do wonders on the human body, mind, and soul. There’s no wonder generation after generation continue to play it in their homes, cars, and see it live in concert. Next time you go to turn on the radio or start a playlist online, consider setting it to the classical station and embrace all the benefits it’ll bring to you.

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