Bach Prelude

and Opening Concert

The Miami Bach Society is extending invitations to its members and supporters to our Annual Bach Prelude Reception, Sunday, September 20, 2015.

This annual event is offered in gratitude to those who have joined the Bach family by becoming members and to those who have shown their support throughout the years.

This year more than ever we have much to be thankful for and many friends to thank. Our toughest year, with our devastating loss of Kathy and Bob, has proven that the Miami Bach Society family is strong and united.

As we wrap up one of the most successful Seasons and Festival in the history of the Miami Bach Society, we remind our members that this is the time to renew your memberships and encourage everyone who experienced our concerts this year to become a member today so that you too may join us as we celebrate...

Renewals and New Memberships are now being accepted for the 2015-2016 Season. Join us today to receive your invitation to Bach Prelude, Sunday, September 20, 2015.
or by calling 305-669-1376

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Our websites will soon be updated with the 2015-2016 concerts.

Dear Friends,

With the unexpected passing of our dear Kathy Gaubatz—and then six days later the death of our wonderful keyboard artist Bob Heath—we are all in shock. As we grieve their loss and consider how we can pay tribute to their spirits, we know we must maintain and move ahead with the Miami Bach Society.

We have a lot to do, including moving to new office space (Kathy had our office in her home for many years), looking at how we will restructure the Bach Society, developing an approach to funding from foundations, asking for gifts for this season's operations (Kathy had the whole season planned), and seeing if we might create a Kathy Gaubatz Memorial Foundation to help provide for the continuing work of the Miami Bach Society. Our concerts, educational outreach, and other activities such as bringing music to patients in the UM Sylvester Cancer Center (very important to Kathy) must go on in her memory.

We ask for your help in moving forward with the MBS. Your contribution now can help insure the immediate functioning of the Bach Society. Beyond that, the building of a Gaubatz Foundation would be a marvelous tribute to Kathy.

With your help we can look forward to a bright future for the Miami Bach Society—an enduring memorial to Kathy, and to all who treasure this wonderful music in our community.


Donald Oglesby
Artistic Director and Founder,
Miami Bach Society

Giving to the Miami Bach Society

Remembering Kathy Gaubatz and Robert Heath

Three options for making your donation:

1) Call the MBS Office at 305-669-1376 and we can process a credit card through the office

2) Make a gift on-line through this link:

3) Or, mail a check payable to The Miami Bach Society, with a note mentioning the donation is in Memory of Kathy Gaubatz or Robert Heath. P.O. Box 4034, Coral Gables, FL 33114

We greatly appreciate your desire to honor Kathy's memory and the memory of Robert Heath, and help us to pay tribute
to their amazing work among us. We will keep their spirits alive as we continue to bring this great music to the people of South Florida.


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