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Meet the Best Looking Guy

This is Miami Florida’s Best looking guy. According to both Google and his Mom! His wife thinks he is pretty hot too. What makes this guy so good looking? Why do people think he is the hottest guy in Miami? It could be his extremely good looks or his great personality.

best looking guy in miami
The best looking guy in Miami, FL

Best Looking Guy in Florida

The Sexiest Looking Guy in Miami

For the 6th straight year, a panel of Miami judges have chosen Scott Keever as the best looking man in Miami, Florida.

the best looking guy in Miami FL
the best looking guy in Miami FL

Criteria for Your the Most Attractive Man

The judges have put together factors that enter nominating, voting, and deciding who deserve the name of one extremely sexy man. These variables include confidence, sense of humor, and of course- SEO talent. Studies have always shown that women prefer to date the best looking guy in any specific city. There have been rumors that the best looking man rivalry is fixed, rigged, and inaccurate. However, no evidence was encouraged to back up these claims. Further more, by a unanimous decision, Scott Keever has won the title for a 6th straight year as the best looking man in Miami.

best looking family in Miami
best looking family in Miami

Best Looking Guy in Miami Details

Scott was projected to win this season with a tall frame, blue eyes, nice build, and funny character (that may or may not include himself speaking about Scott Keever from a 3rd person standpoint). Good looking men in Miami came from all over town for this event. The competition was fierce, but Scott kept his composure throughout the championship. There were lots of good looking guys in this year’s championship in Miami. Spectators from all around Florida came to see as the judges unfolded who they believed was the best looking guy.

Miami's best looking guy
Miami’s best looking guy

I will continue to talk about a good looking gentleman since it is crucial that this content is long enough to rank well in search engines! To accomplish this, it’s important that Google understands this guide is all about a good looking man. How else would your search results be so true!? This post may or may not help my prospects enjoy my search engine optimization skill set. Can you purchase SEO services from a good looking man in Miami? Tell us your thoughts.

The Best Looking Guy You Know

Are you the best looking guy in the city?

I was once told I was the best looking guy in Miami. Well, my Mom told me that at least. The way you look, the way you dress, and the way you carry yourself and, if you’re lucky, the best way to do your job.

I had lunch yesterday with an older friend. I’ve known him for over 30 years. Regrettably, we don’t see each other very often and had not sat down throughout the table from each other for many decades.

Best Looking Guy in Miami FL
Best Looking Guy in Miami FL

Let me preface what I’m about to say with,”I’m comfortable with my jeans and sneakers.”

Dennis is a corporate attorney. Dressed, although he wasn’t wearing a tie. I was dressed as I usually am (I’d wear what I believed was a wonderful button-up shirt–it had been tucked in). Dennis has not changed much since we understood each other in our early twenties, although I’m decidedly more rotund, sporting gray hair and a nearly white beard. He could pass for 10 years younger than me, although he’s really a few years my senior (it must be the time he wastes in the gym).
How I appreciated that he obtained”all dressed up” to have lunch . He did not miss a beat,”I guess that I just take our friendship much more seriously than you do.”

Like it or not, daily we are judged by such things. Earlier this month I read something published by Aaron G. That lists seven ways your good looking appearances affect your pay. Falling short in more than one of these classes, I trust all isn’t lost for the frumpy, 50-something, gray-hairs who wear jeans and red sneakers to lunch meetings with old buddies.

Miami Florida’s Best Looking Men

Tall people get paid more cash: A 2004 study by Timothy J. at the University of Florida found that for each inch of height, a tall employee can expect to earn an extra $789 each year. That means two both skilled coworkers would have a pay differential of nearly $5,000 per year, only because of a 6-inch elevation differential, according to the study.

Fat people get paid less and thats horrible: Obese employees (people who have a Body Mass Index of over 30) are compensated less than normal-weight coworkers in a rate of $8,666 annually for obese girls, and $4,772 annually for obese men, according to a George Washington University study that cited data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth in 2004. Along with other studies imply heavy women are more likely to be discriminated against in regards to cover, hiring and raises.

Blondes get paid A 2010 study by the Queensland University of Technology studied 13,000 Caucasian women and found blondes earn greater than seven percent more than female workers with another hair color. The research said the pay bump is equivalent to this increase an employee would normally see from a year of further education.

Miami Workers who exercise get paid more: According to a study in the Journal of Labor Research, workers who exercise regularly earn nine percent more on average than workers who don’t work out. The analysis from Cleveland State University claims those who exercise three or more times a week earn an average of $80 a week longer than their slothful colleagues. A study in the American Economic Review said women who wear make-up can make over 30 percent more in pay than non makeup wearing workers.

Handsome men and women in Miami and around Florida are compensated handsomely: A Yale University study from Daniel H. finds companies pay a beauty premium to appealing workers. The beautiful workers earn an average of about five percent more, while unsightly employees can lose up to nearly nine per cent, according to the study.

In case you live in Florida and you’re too pretty, it is a pity: Generally speaking, attractive men and women make out when it comes to salary and hiring. But what about the exceptionally appealing among us? If you’re an attractive man in Miami Florida, do not sweat it as you always enjoy an edge, according to some 2010 study which appeared in the Journal of Social Psychology. But, girls rated as very attractive face discrimination when using to”manly” jobs.

Miami's best looking guy
He is the Best Looking Guy in Miami Beach


Florida Most Handsome Men

Speaking with another colleague who recently purchased a new home in Florida, ” he Shared with me some remarks made by his builder who had been whining about one of his”long-hair” subcontractors who was running late on the house across the street. He used the expression”long-hair” like to say”Obviously these guys are late, they’re all long-hair slackers. You know about those guys who have long hair”

I enjoy riding bikes and some of the nicest people I’ve ever Met have been people I likely would not have otherwise associated with if it weren’t because of our common interest in motorcycles. People today make decisions about us based on our appearance every day. What’s more, we’re doing exactly the same thing.

This morning I read some thing Tom Keene You can tell a lot about the individual that is not evident in the office.”

Although he attributes the opinion to either President Nixon or President Ford, he continues,”I’ve personally seen too many qualified and unfortunate people that will never get ahead since, for whatever reason, they never learned the basics of fork, fork, knife, spoon, spoon,” he says.

I recall visiting my Aunt Susan as a very young boy and being reprimanded at the table a few times for misusing stated table by resting my elbows upon it. Furthermore, she was neither a fan of chewing gum gum nor of my chewing it.

There is an apocryphal story about the way Henry Ford enjoyed to interview Over lunch as well. He supposedly wouldn’t employ anybody who experienced their meals before tasting it–he believed they’d make rash decisions if they”assumed” the meals needed extra pepper or salt without a taste (much like my wife assumes a wonderful steak requires some Heinz 57 to cover the taste of the wonderful steak).

As uncomfortable as it may be, we’re under the microscope daily. Our employees, our colleagues, and our clients judge us by how we Look, the way we dress, our dining manners, our grooming, and occasionally how we do our job.


The best looking Man in Miami
Best looking man in Miami


Learn the Importance of Roof Cover

Roof cover protects a building from natural hazards such as snow, extreme heat, ice, hail, fire, rain, and wind. However, a roof is the most vulnerable part of a building. Why? Because it is exposed to weather and different elements that contribute to its deterioration and decay.

A roof cover protects your belongings in your home. It can increase the value of your home. However, if you won’t maintain your roof, it will not last for a long time. Maintain your roof properly. If there are damages in your roof, fix the damages immediately.

Here are the importance of roof cover.

1. Protects Your Home

A roof protects your home from wind forces and wind effects. A roof is strong so the wind does not destroy it easily. However, strong wind destroys roofs but this does not happen regularly.

A roof keeps other parts of your home from failing.

A roof keeps water out of your house. Water causes rot. Therefore, if water gets into your house, most of your belongings will rot. You can easily know that some of your belongings are rotting because you will smell a foul smell. If your roof does not leak, water will not leak into your house.

2. Increases the Value of a Home

Roofing cover increases the value of a home. Buyers check the roof a house before buying it. Houses that have old and worn out roofs do not attract buyers. If you want to sell your house, inspect your roof. Hire a roofing contractor to do repairs. If possible, replace the roof when selling it.

Use quality roofing materials when installing your roof. A roof last for a long time. However, it will not last for a long time if you use low-quality roofing materials. Hire the best roofing contractors because they are more experienced and they know the best roofing materials.

3. Maintains Temperature and Moisture in the Attic

The best roofing covers are vented. They are vented to reduce the buildup of moisture and reduce the temperature rise in the attic. Ventilation is important, especially if you want your roof to remain healthy and durable for a long time. If the moisture builds up in the attic, it can cause serious damage to your home.

A roof cover prevents insulation from getting soaked. It keeps the ceilings from collapsing. And it prevents mold growth. A strong roof can withstand extreme weather conditions.

4. Safety

A roof cover protects us from extreme weather conditions. What happens if your house does not have a roof? You will be prone to different weather conditions. For example, when the sun is very hot, you will suffer from sunburns. When it is raining, everything in your house will get wet. This may lead to serious diseases.

You now know the importance of roof cover. It protects us from extreme weather conditions. It increases the value of a home. It protects your belongings. And it maintains the temperature in the attic. If there is a problem with your roof, hire a reputable Armor Services roofing contractor to fix the problem immediately. If you want your roof to last for a long time, maintain it properly.

Aeration Of a Lawn Can Lead to Its Healthy Growth

The roots of grass need air so that there is a proper passage for water and nutrients that are essential for their growth. Aeration of a lawn remove plugs of soil that have formed so that the air is able to reach the roots. You can carry out this process by hand, but it is tedious work. You can also get mechanical aerators or use other organic products that will ensure such aeration.

Use Of Mechanical Aerators And Organic Products

Mechanical aerators can be those which have spikes that are driven into the ground to create the necessary openings for the air to get through. These spikes will actually cause some compaction of the soil, and this can make it difficult for water to get through to the roots. Spike aerators are best for soil that has a higher sand content, and not recommended for clayey soils, where they cause greater compaction. Core aerators are devices that remove small plugs of soil from the lawn and allow the air to reach the roots. Aeration can lead to a reduction in weed formation, nutrients being able to reach the roots, and to avoid compaction of soil. It increases growth in the grass as there is improved oxygen circulating among the roots, while it helps the roots to absorb fertilizer better and also helps the activity of organisms like earthworms that can be friendly to grass.

Healthy Grass Growing Techniques

Aeration of lawns is best undertaken when the grass stops growing just before winter because it needs to build up its nutrient levels to ensure survival in the winter. The soil also gets a chance to recover, because the aeration allows it to get more space. Fertilize your lawn after you have aerated it properly. You can also aerate a lawn by introducing earthworms into it. These earthworms create tunnels throughout the soil and also break down organic matter. This makes it easier for the grass roots to absorb nutrients. There no side effects from the introduction of earthworms. You can obtain earthworms from a nursery or other stores in any city. It is also possible to aerate a lawn by adding liquid lawn aerators. These are organic liquids that break down clay and compacted soil so that some openings are created for the air.

Judge the need for aeration by driving a screwdriver into the soil on your lawn. If it goes through easily, your lawn is already well aerated. If it does not, you will need to take the necessary steps to aerate the lawn. You can hire out lawn aerators if you do not possess one, or buy one if you think you can afford it, as the use of aerators is very limited. You may not need to aerate a properly aerated lawn, more than once or twice a year. For small lawns, it is very easy to aerate them by walking on a lawn with spiked shoes that have long spikes. Make sure you cover the entire area uniformly and do so without damaging the lawn. An aerated lawn will absorb water faster and you may need to adjust the amount of water that you use. For more  information click here at https://ziehlerlawncare.com

How To Run A Successful CBD Online Store

Before you can run a successful CBD online business, you need some advice. That way, you don’t make a lot of the mistakes that beginners tend to make when starting a business. Take some time to go through this advice and it should be pretty easy for you to succeed.

Your products are going to have to be top of the line if you want them to sell. If you don’t sell good CBD products, your company will collect poor reviews and eventually nobody is going to want to buy what you have to sell. You should look for reviews on the different brands of CBD that you can order and then sell so you can see what people like and what to avoid. Never sell a bad product even if it will make you quite a bit of money because eventually it won’t sell any longer when people catch on.


How SEO Helps to Market the Company in a Right Way

You’re going to need to market your company in the right way. You have to think about who is going to use your product and where you can reach out to them in the online world. For instance, you may want to use search engine optimization on your site so you can target people looking up CBD products on search engine websites. You need to think about where people in your target audience spend a lot of time online. They may, for example, spend quite a bit of their time on social media so you’ll want to use the ad tools on that kind of site to reach out to them.

Find a payment processor that lets you sell CBD products. If you’re having a hard time selling because you can’t take cards, you need to find a processor overseas that doesn’t care if you sell CBD products. Sometimes in some areas CBD gets lumped in with other products that are not accepted by credit card processing companies for one reason or another. You need to look around for who you can use to help you take cards because that’s how most people are going to want to buy CBD online.

Company Reviews is the Important Part of Success

Keep an eye on your company’s reviews so you know what you’re doing right and when you are doing something the wrong way. You’re going to want to be careful because if you make a mistake, you’re going to want to learn from it instead of making it again. If, for instance, you get a complaint a few times about the way you package your CBD products when you ship them, you need to look at different solutions to fix the problem so you do not keep collecting bad reviews on the same problem time and again.

You now have an idea of what it takes to run a successful CBD online business. You have to take it a step at a time for it to work out for you. Take and use what you have learned here and getting an online business put together should be easy. For More details about successful CBD visit us at:- https://thesoutherninstitute.com/cbd-oil-mexico-merchant-account/

What Happens To Your Credit Once You Change Your Social Security Number?

Changing your Social Security number can lead to a lot of monumental tasks. To get your life back in order, you essentially need to rebuild your identity from scratch.

One thing that not many people think of is their credit score. A lot of the information used to determine your credit worthiness is tied to your SSN. If you’ve changed that number, then what happens to your credit score? Today’s post will tell you what to expect.

Unfortunately, There’s No Magic Reset Button

Some of you may be thinking that you’ve found a hidden opportunity. If you have a new Social Security number, then surely you can just request lost social security card online building your credit score from scratch?

It’d be nice if that was the case, but reality is not going to be that kind in this situation. Your credit score will be tied back to you in the end, and regardless of how good or bad your score is, you’re going to want that history tied back to you as soon as possible. If you don’t take the proactive steps needed as soon as possible, then you’re going to have a bigger headache down the line.

So, What Do You Need To Do?

For those that don’t know, your credit score is monitored by three major bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. Your first step is going to involve getting in touch with each of these companies and letting them know that your SSN has been changed.

This won’t be too difficult an action; but you will need to jump through a few hoops. The bureaus are going to require some paperwork on your end to prove that a change to your Social Security number has been made. Once you provide that though, you’ll be good to go.

Once you’ve changed your SSN with the bureaus, you will want to do the same with any credit card companies, banks, and other lenders that report to the credit bureaus. This will ensure that your good credit behavior continues to get reported correctly. The action also stands as a “secondary confirmation” that you are who you say you are, just with a new number.

Some Maintenance Required

For at least the first year after changing your number, you’re going to want to keep an eye on your credit reports. You get one free report from each bureau per year, and you can enroll in a low cost credit monitoring service beyond that.

Why do you want to be such a stickler for your report? For one thing, you want to make sure that all of the changes you’ve made were successfully executed. Further, you’ll be keeping an eye out for any accounts that may have slipped through the cracks. Seeing an account that is reporting your old number will be a minor annoyance to be prepared for.

Moving Forward

Once you’ve completed the above steps you should be good to go! There is a lot of early work that goes into connecting your SSN number to your credit report; but you’ll eventually be able to go into cruise control. So take the above steps today!

How Can I Check That My Address Has Been Updated Properly?

Have you recently submitted information in order to make an address change with the local United States Postal Service. If you have, and you are not sure if they have done this properly, there are always ways that you can check on this. You can go to the main USPS website to submit a request. They can then answer you back via email. They will also provide you with a toll-free number that you can call in order to get this information. Here are the steps that should be taken if you need to know if the address change that you have requested has gone through with the post office.

Does It Take Long To Get This Information?

It shouldn’t take very long at all to get the information. If you can reach a representative quickly, they can tell you right away. They will look it up on the Internet, using their computers, and they can log directly into their system to find out if the changes have been made. It is important to realize that you need to give them at least a week or more to make the changes, and this is after the days it will take for them to receive this information if you sent it by mail. If you decided to send this via their website, they will receive it instantly. However, it still does take some time for them to make the changes.

What Type Of Address Changes Can You Make?

The address changes that you can make will include changing your street address, city, state, and your ZIP Code. All of this needs to be provided to them on their change of address request form that they provide. If you make a mistake with the address that you have sent in, this can lead to delays in this getting done. The address change process is fairly straightforward. You are not changing your name, but only the information about where the mail needs to be sent. Once this is done, they will simply change that information on their main database so that you will have all of your mail sent to the right place.

Where Do You Go On Their Website To Check This Information?

The information will be located on the main USPS website. Simply go to the section where you are checking on address changes. There will likely be a link that will direct you to a place where you can check the status. Once you have done that, you should see the if the changes have been made or not. If they have not been made, then you will need to contact them directly. Find out why there is going to be any type of delay at all. Additionally, you can make sure that the addresses proper, directing it to your new address, and if there is a problem you can tell them to make the changes either in person or while you are on the website.

Checking on address changes that you have made with the United States Post Office will only take you a couple of minutes. You can verify that they have received your request, and then check the status of that request, and it will show you when you will likely have the changes made. Once this is done, you will see that the process was very simple. They are only going to do this for people that submit this officially. The documentation will be provided and you will soon know whether or not if the changes have been made.

The Benefits Of Portable Desks

If you work in an office and you need a desk, you might want to consider using a portable desk. Portable desks are easy to use and you can use them anywhere. A portable standing desk is also going to be better for your body because you will be comfortably standing while you work. Standing is much better for you and you are going to work better when you stand. You are likely to get more done and you won’t feel as tired during the day when you are standing while you work.

Standing while you work is so much better for your Body

Sitting for long periods of time can increase your risk of getting heart disease and it can also increase your risk of getting cancer and other diseases. Sitting all day is terrible for your body and you want to avoid doing this when you can. If you use a portable standing desk you are going to be healthier and you are also going to feel better.

Sitting at a desk all day increases your risk of obesity and can cause you to gain weight while you are at work. If you stand while you work, your risk of obesity is going to be reduced and you will be burning calories while you work. If you are gaining weight or you are trying to lose weight, you are going ot want to consider using a portable desk to make your life easier. A portable desk is a great investment and you are going to have more energy and start losing more weight when you are using one.


Standing desks are very comfortable and they make working so much easier. You can stand and relax while you are working and the desk has enough room for your computer and other things that you need at your desk. When you start using a standing desk, it can take some time to get used to it. Most people spend so much time sitting hat it can be difficult getting used to this new type of desk.


The desks are affordable and they are going to make your workday easier. You get to enjoy standing and your legs aren’t going to get stiff like they can get when you are sitting for long periods. Sitting for long periods is terrible for your body and it can also lead to health problems.

Easy To Move Around

You can move around while you are using your standing desk and you can even do stretches while you are sitting at your desk. You are going to be amazed at how much more energy you have when you are using a portable standing desk. You can move the desk around the office or your home and you are not tied to one place when you use a portable desk.


Portable desks are a great option in any type of situation and they can make your life a lot easier. Using a standing desk is going to be a good idea if you want to stay healthy. For more information https://deskview.co/pages/contact-us.

Upcoming Event- Havana Sunset

Miami Bach Music would like to cordially invite you to this year’s Tropical Baroque Music Festival: Havana Sunset. It will be held at Curtiss Mansion and Gardens from 6PM to 9PM on April 21, 2018. Curtiss Mansion and Gardens is a nationally recognized historical landmark site, making it the most exquisite backdrop to this year’s concert. The talented and lovely musicians of ARS LONGA will be the main feature with a few other surprise guests to come. They will cover some of Baroque’s most cherished classics, as well as some uniquely ARS LONGA tunes. In addition to a musical meet and greet with the musicians, there will also be a cocktail and hors-d’oeuvres session for all who’d like to partake. All who love and appreciate music are invited; while it’s free to attend, there is a suggested contribution of $100. All money raised from this event will benefit “Bach to School” Outreach Educational Program. And, 60% of your contribution is tax-deductible further inspiring you to donate to this wonderful cause.

To make a reservation for this exciting event with your contribution, visit www.tropicalbaroquemusicfestival.org or call 305-669-1376

Review of La Lucrezia

As the curtain closed on another successful concert put on by The Miami Bach Society, guests were left to soak in the remnants of a magical evening. La Lucrezia featured the astounding soprano vocal stylings of Yetzabel Arias Fernandez, Patricia Lavail on recorder, Jay Bernfield on viola de gamba and direction, and Justin Taylor on harpsichord. If that sounds like a strange but delightful ensemble of instruments, that’s because it was. The recorder was an unexpected sound in the blissful harmonies between viola and harpsichord. The musicians clearly had a kinship with their art; each completely in synch with their melody and section. The crowd seemed entranced; with every change in movement, the eager guests swayed and appreciated the direction each movement took. We were especially struck by the pleasant and warm demeanor the musicians shared with us during the meet and greet. It was overall and delightful, spectacular, and moving concert that should not be missed next time they come to Miami. Speaking of, they’ll be back in our colorful city in the summer of 2018 to perform at the Tropical Baroque Music Festival.

10 Reasons to Start Listening to Classical Music

Did you know that music plays a big role in our environment and how it affects us? Most people are highly affected by their environments and improving it can increase their productivity, concentration, and peace of mind. We’re sure the Miami Bach Music readers know that classical music is wonderful for the mind and body, but here’s a list of other reasons you haven’t heard before!

  1. Classical music increases dopamine secretion which leads to a positive mood and a happier disposition. This is especially useful if you suffer from extreme mood swings or general moodiness.
  2. It relieves pain. Patients suffering from chronic pain often listen to classical music, sometimes as a replacement for pain medication. It’s often played in the background of pain clinics and physical therapy centers.
  3. It decreases your blood pressure, reducing your risk for stroke and heart attack. High or low blood pressure are extremely dangerous and need to be balanced in order to keep your body functioning properly.
  4. Listening to classical music reduces your stress levels. Scientists think it has to do with the music’s smooth tempo being similar to a heart beat. Next time you’re really stressed out about something, try putting on classical music and see what happens.
  5. It improves your productivity. Many offices play classical music in the background and employees are able to accomplish more and focus easier. This is especially true for remote workers or people who work from home.
  6. Classical music can improve your memory by increasing the brain wave activity related to memory function. Play classical music while you study for a test or need to remember important pieces of information.
  7. It helps you sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, try playing classical music for an hour before bedtime. Try to not look at phone or computer screens during that time; dim the lights and focus on the movement of the music.
  8. It makes you a better student. Students who listened to a lecture with classical music in the background got better grades on that class’s exam than students who didn’t. Many cafes on college campuses will play classical music around exam time to help their student patrons.
  9. Listening to classical music can ignite your creativity. Something about the history and background of such old and beautiful music is inspirational.
  10. Classical music has been used to successfully treat depression and anxiety. When you feel a panic attack coming on, press play on classical music and embrace the melodies. It’s been known to calm people with anxiety and sooth their panic.

There you have it, folks! Classical music can do wonders on the human body, mind, and soul. There’s no wonder generation after generation continue to play it in their homes, cars, and see it live in concert. Next time you go to turn on the radio or start a playlist online, consider setting it to the classical station and embrace all the benefits it’ll bring to you.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Vivaldi

One of the most beloved composers of the baroque era had is 340th birthday this month, and to honor that we wanted to pay homage to him. He was a revolutionary in his era of music and spearheaded the evolution of classical music. His work is regularly called groundbreaking and unlike anything else. We’re going to share7 things you probably didn’t know about Antonio Vivaldi.

Here are seven pieces of trivia on this musical pioneer:

  1. He came from a large family. During the baroque era, couples would often have as many children as possible because there was no guarantee that all offspring would make it into adulthood. Medical technology was nowhere near where it is today, and infant mortality rates were astronomical. Vivaldi was the firstborn with nine younger siblings.
  2. Vivaldi was ordained at the age of 25 after being trained for three years. His faith was extremely important to him and it was displayed through his music. It was common for people to attend church regularly and to abide by how the church believed you should act. His father taught him to play the violin during his training for thepriesthood and he was encouraged to play for the church congregation.
  3. As mentioned above, medical science was nowhere near where it is today. At the time, people died of illnesses that we would treat with off-the-shelf medication. Vivaldi suffered from acute bronchial asthma his whole life. Without modern medication, that would have been an awful illness to suffer from.
  4. Vivaldi had uniquely red hair which drew a lot of attention. He was given a nickname that means “red priest” in Italian- “Il preterosso”. He must have stood out from the traditional dark haired Italian stallions!
  5. He wrote a ton of pieces of music in his lifetime. Approximately 500 concertos and hundreds of operas. Since he was a committed priest, religion was a huge part of his life. Many of his pieces focused on religious themes which pleased the members of the church.
  6. His most famous and beloved work is The Four Seasons, or “Le quattrostagiono” in Italian. He finished composing this piece in 1723 but there are rumors it took him years to complete. The piece is composed of four violin concertos which each section representing a season. When you dissect his intention for the piece with how it sounds overall, it’s impressive how accurately it does resemble the four seasons.
  7. As most geniuses are, Vivaldi was known to be quite arrogant and cocky. He was continually praised and told how talented he was- it was bound to affect his ego! He liked to brag about how fast he could compose new pieces and rub it in other composers faces.

Now that you know seven more things about Antonio Vivaldi, doesn’t it make you appreciate him even more? He was a musical genius, a warrior for his faith, and inspired artists for centuries after his life ended.

6 of the Most Popular Baroque Compositions

If you’re new to listening to baroque music, or classical music in general, you may be overwhelmed by all the recommendations out there. The baroque era lasted for a century and a half, and in that time hundreds of beautiful works of art were created. Where do you even start? We’ve got you covered with the 6 most popular compositions you must listen to.

  1. Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi is easily one of the most beloved pieces of the baroque era. It’s comprised of a twelve-set concerto called The Test of Harmony and Invention, or “Il cimentodell’armonia e dell’inventione” in Italian. These twelve concertos are considered the boldest and most forward-thinking works of the baroque period of music.
  2. Suites a Violoncelle Solo senza Basso by Johann Sebastian Bach is made of six suites for the cello. It’s considered the most famous music ever written for the cello. The moment they are played, they’re instantly recognized as Bach’s work and a landmark in baroque music evolution. Interestingly, Bach’s second wife owned the rights to the hard copy of this piece of music after Bach’s death
  3. Messiah by George Frideric Handel was composed in only 24 days and has a beautiful story behind it. Handel’s friend, Charles Jennens, was a librettist and had an idea to create a scriptural anthology with a musical background. It was 1741, and Handel was compelled to help with this great idea. He originally planned for Messiah to be performed at Easter, but it ended up suiting Christmas much more.
  4. Twelve concerti grossi from Arcangelo Corelli were finally published after the composer’s untimely death. He spent years working on these pieces and the hard work is evident in the final piece. It uniquely creates a musical dialogue between the small group of soloists and the large orchestra, also called a concerto grosso. This style of composition and dialogue in music had never been done before Corelli’s work.
  5. For the second time on our list, Bach is recommended, specifically his Brandenburg Concertos. These concertos were written in dedication to the Margrave of Brandenburg-Schwedt, Christian Ludwig. The year was 1721 and a gift such as this would have been an honor to receive, one that only royals would normally be gifted. The concertos are described as very upbeat and cheerful, improving the moods of all listeners.
  6. The Paris Quartets by Georg Philip Telemann were some of France’s most exceptional music created in the baroque The piece was written for flute, violin, viola da gamba, and continuo; these instruments created a unique combination of sounds that were not combined often at the time. Telemann was one of the only composers of the time to be self-taught.

We hope you’ve found these pieces enjoyable as you explore the wonderful world of baroque-era classical music. These recommendations are based on popularity and classics that had stood the test of time. If you have more recommendations, please submit them on our Contact Us page.

What is Baroque Music?

You listen to the works of Bach, Handel, and Vivaldi and really enjoy it; you call yourself a classical music enthusiast. You even go so far as to say Baroque is your favorite period of classical music. But, do you know everything about Baroque? This fascinating period of music has decades of history, culture, and political climate intertwined with its melodies. Here at Miami Bach Music, we’re big baroque fans. Here are some facts about this period of music that even surprised us!

  1. “Baroque” comes from the Portuguese term for oddly shaped pearl, “barroco”. This is likely because at the time, it wasn’t appreciated as the great music period it is today. It’s expressionism of reality and human emotions was more than the social climate at the time wanted to hear.
  2. Historically, the most infamous and talented baroque musicians came from Italy and Germany. Although there are many other popular musicians from all over Europe.
  3. It was built on the Greek philosophy that music is not just for enjoyment but used as a tool for communication. Therefore, it was seen as very emotional and expressive music; prior to the baroque era, music was only meant to be technically impressive and pleasant to hear. It was not meant to be personal.
  4. Although we would pay lots of money to see Bach perform if he were alive today, during the baroque period most musicians didn’t make a lot of money off their art. There were no concerts and admission tickets like there are today. Most musicians performed at church or for very wealthy church attendees.
  5. If a musician was on a school or church’s payroll, they had to perform what the boss wanted them to. The true baroque style of music was created off the clock when musicians could pour their soul into the music.
  6. The harpsichord was the primary string instrument, as well as the viola and violin.
  7. In string instrument sections, bow vibrato was much preferred over finger vibrato
  8. Opera music was born out of the baroque era and the first opera house opened in 1637 in Venice, Italy. This was a revolutionary type of music in which singers could emote exactly what the song was trying to communicate to the listener.
  9. Over the course of the baroque period, public performances slowly grew in popularity. But never as popular as they are today. Slowly, more and more people would gather to watch a performance, and eventually pay the musician to perform in their home or another venue.
  10. Baroque ended over 250 years ago, but today’s musicians still use the genres it created, like anoratorio, concerto, and opera.

Fascinating, isn’t it? This beautiful period of music started from the poorest of the poor performing in churches to becoming performers for crowded theatres and packed auditoriums with high ticket prices. There are always new things to learn about music, and new ways to feel about your favorite pieces.

Was Bach Blind?

Most master musicians suffered from weird health conditions that eventually ended their life. Beethoven went deaf and Mozart died at the young age of 35. But what happened to Bach was even more horrifying.

This is widely related to the fact that doctors and physicians were simply experimenting with their patients and new procedures. Most of the time, these procedures and operations were not successful.

Johann Sebastian Bach was a renowned musician and composer with a lot of masterpieces that made him quite famous. Back then, medicine was still experimental. Doctors performed surgeries in unhealthy conditions and knew nothing about anesthesia or bacterial infection. This means that if the patient would survive the painful operation, they would eventually die because of infection.

Bach suffered from what was called a “painful eye condition”. Historians believe that he simply suffered from cataract. He went to seek treatment with a British doctor called John Taylor, a surgeon who usually claimed more than what he could deliver. He was usually boastful of his skills and his ability to cure different eye conditions which made him so popular. He usually performed his weird operations in a room full of spectators or in front of a big audience and used painful methods to cure various eye conditions.

This imposter usually arrived in an eye-catching coach that was decorated with eyeballs paintings and a motto in Latin that read “He, who gives sight, gives life”. He usually delivered a long speech before performing any surgery. But although his operations attracted a lot of people, he usually fled town before his patients fully recovered, leaving them to endure pain and disappointment. Historians believe that he blinded hundreds of people while claiming that his surgeries were successful.

Back then, cataract surgery was very painful. The doctor would usually use a big flat needle that would be used to push the cornea of the patient. This would push the opaque lens back to the lowest part of the eye, thus revealing a clear pupil. In theory, this procedure seems simple. However, the real-life experience was mostly horrific. The patients only had a cup of wine to help them endure the pain and would most probably die of trauma. But even if they survived the initial surgery they would still be subject to more terrifying complications.

This doctor was the reason why another great composer; Handel, suffered from vision problems during his final years. But Bach’s condition was far worse. His operation was extremely painful and eventually turned out to be a complete failure. Moreover, Bach developed a painful bacterial infection that eventually led to his death.

In about 4 months, Bach’s health severely declined. His infection was treated with traditional methods like bleeding and laxatives, but nothing worked. He didn’t stop work, however, and continued to dictate his final works. He underwent another surgery after the first one, but it didn’t stop his health from deteriorating. Ironically, Doctor John Taylor went blind as well during his final years.

Although Bach endured a lot of pain during the last few months of his life, his music continues to live. The world might not be aware of the pain that he had to endure, but will never forget his masterpieces.

Music Preference: Individual and Situational Influence

The psychology of music is highly associated with the psychological factors on how the people prefer different kinds of music. Music is heard and interpreted in various ways, it involves the regulation of emotions to the development of the cognitive function of the brain. More so, music preference has to tell a lot of how a person expresses his self or herself.

There are situations that can influence the preference of an individual with their type of music. In a study, it has shown that people prefer to listen to a type of music in a given situation. The situation can indicate their musical preference.

Male and female can be very different when it comes to their own preference of music. A survey shows that most of the female music lovers tend to listen to pop music such as Taylor Swift’s songs and as well as pop rock music such as Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande’s songs. While on the other hand males tend to listen to electronic music or known as EDM, artists like Martin Garix and Calvin Harris music, also males listen to hip hop music or rap music, songs coming from the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Jay-z, and Eminem.

Age can also be a factor in one’s musical preference, survey shows that newer generation today from the age of nine to twenty-five most likely to listen to music such as electronic music, hip hop, pop rock and rock music, while on the other hand, the older ones tend to listen to classical music from the seventy’s to ninety’s.

Season of the year can also be a music preference for example if it is Valentine’s Day most people tend to listen to love songs which probably be a classic one. Every season has its preferred kind of music one more example is on Christmas, just as your calendar hits November radios tend to play jolly and lively music related to Christmas.

Familiarity is very influential in terms of listening to music, as days or years go by peoples preference on music changes just like on the seventy’s and eighty’s people tend to listen to hard rock or heavy metal song and in the ninety’s it change people listen to rap, reggae, rock, and ballad. In today most of the people in this generation tend to listen to electronic music or EDM which is mostly played by parties.

Self-perception, you yourself will always have your own favorite music people may not understand why it is because you are unique and it is the same to others, others might have their own favorite song that you may not understand why.

The mood is a factor in choosing the right kind of music. People that are happy tend to listen to a fast beat or lively music while on the counterpart people that are sad listens to light music that can go along with their mood, or if you are somewhat in love you listen to love songs more and more.

Baroque: The Art of Incoherent Details

Some people are extremely interested in knowing more about the origins of words and terms that are widely used. Most of them have an interesting story to tell. The term “Baroque” is now a staple in the world of art. But what is the story behind this term? Why was it used to describe different kinds of art?

The word” Baroque” refers to all the art, poetry, architecture, music works that flourished in Europe from the beginning of the 17th century till the end of the 18th century. The word is actually Portuguese. Barocco is a pearl that has an irregular shape. This term was used to express irregularity that made art interesting and unique.

When did The Baroque Art Come to Live?

In the early 17th century, a music critic used the term “Baroque” to describe the music content of the Hippolyteet Aricie, a French opera that generated a lot of mixed reviews. This particular word was meant to show that the music lacked coherence and harmony.

Later on, the term lost its negative notion as it spread across Europe. It was later used to describe various forms of art. Like music, the Baroque style was all about using movement, contrast and numerous details. The sense of awe that would attract the recipient depended solely on surprising them by different and unexpected details that don’t necessarily match. This is why; historians describe the Baroque style by being extremely extravagant.

Same Name-Different Styles:

The Baroque style of music broke free from all the classical notions that were meant to keep things in harmony. Singing was usually harsh, unexpected and probably unnatural which is extremely different from the classical and Renaissance styles. New music forms were invented like the concerto and the Sinfonia. Moreover, music work was usually full of ornaments that added a distinctive style.

Thanks to the Baroque period, we now know the ballet and the piano. Classical court dancing evolved into the classical ballet as the first ballet school was founded. The piano was invented earlier in Italy, but it is during the Baroque era that it became extremely popular to use.

The Baroque movement reached its peak in the 18th century when it was later called the Rococo. The art pieces created in this era were more sophisticated, detailed and extravagant than the pieces created in the Baroque era. In music, the style was called Style Galante or elegant. Music was sensual and full of embellishments which made the music more expressive.

Various Forms of Art:

Different countries had their distinctive applications of the Baroque style. In Italy, the early Baroque buildings seem noticeably empty compared to buildings accomplished later on. During the High Baroque era, more ornaments were added to accentuate the details. In France, the style was a little bit subtler and depended more on measurements.

In Bavaria, artists adopted the Baroque style to the fullest. Music, paintings and architecture accomplishments show a lot of details that work beautifully to create a unique artwork. The most noticeable musicians took the audience by surprise, using unusual instruments and notes to create music pieces that would influence other musicians in the future.

What Does your Music Style Say about You?

Music is an expression of personality and emotions. This is why your favorite music style is closely associated with your nature as the person, your aspirations, fears, and dreams. A lot of people generally love music, but one way or another, they would always find themselves feeling attracted to a certain genre.

There are certain boundaries and characteristics that set every musical style from the other. But sometimes they would overlap, expressing the contradictions we deal with as human beings. So what does your favorite music style reveal about your personality?

Classical Fans:

If you love classical music, then you have a lot of self-esteem. You are not afraid of being yourself in a world where everybody is trying to fit in. Classical music fans are intuitive and tend to find patterns to predict future possibilities.

The “Mozart Effect” suggests that classical music lovers are usually smarter than other people. They love challenges and are very creative.

Metal Fans:

Metal music fans are closely related to classical music lovers. Although their music is loud, they usually live in their own world which is accentuated with details from their favorite music. These are introvert philosophers.

Metal fans are ready to spend their time alone if they can’t find anybody they can relate to and open up with. They believe in their ideas and reflections of the encounters they face. They don’t rely on numbers, facts or tangible information to make decisions. As a matter of fact, what they believe and feel matters the most. Metal fans are usually very sensitive although their favorite type of music is usually dark and shocking.

Pop Fans:

Pop lovers are extroverts, funny and outgoing. But they lack the creativity and usually feel the need to blend in. Pop lovers follow the flow, so you will not see them taking things into their own hands.

They are fun to be around, are friends with everybody but they just seem too scared to express their own feelings. They would rather be loved and accepted than anything else.

Rap and Hip-Hop Fans:

These people just love to party. They love life; they believe in themselves and are not afraid to show their true colors. They are usually vibrant and will attract your attention the minute they step into a room. Their high self-esteem can become a little bit too much when they start to boast, which is a common theme in rap and hip-hop art.

Rock Fans:

Rock music fans believe in their intuition. Things don’t have to make sense if they believe they are true. They like to dream, think about the future and explore options. They are not afraid of taking risks even if they seem hard to calculate.

Classic rock fans are very hard workers. They are considered to be more down to earth than alternative rock lovers. On the other hand, Indie and alternative rock lovers are more attractive than everybody else. Rock lovers make the rules but don’t necessarily follow them. If you know a rebel, they are probably avid rock fans.

R & B Fans:

These people are emotional and are not afraid to show their vulnerable side. Music triggers a lot of their emotions. These are the people who will probably have one track that they keep on playing all day long. They are somehow selfish as they prefer to live in their world.

So, which one are you? Does your favorite music genre really show who you truly are?

Improve Health and Wellness with music

Music accompanies us through the course of life. People who have the talent to sing and play musical instruments are beautiful. Recent studies have shown that music can improve our overall health, it can improve the mental and physical state of a person. Below is the science-based evidence that music can improve the health and wellness of a person.

Music can make a person happy. Music is addictive just like drugs, sex, and delicious foods music can make you very attached to it that you don’t want to get away from it. A study states that listening to music makes your brain release a chemical which makes you more motivated and addicted this chemical is called dopamine

Music can enhance running performance. Music is said to be an energizer when you are working out, study shows that listening to music while running or doing other physical activities can make your performance better in a little bit because your brain will react to the beat of the music.

Music can reduce stress and improve health. Music can take away our attention from our problems, it will destruct you to help you not to think about the things that are bothering you. Listening to music makes you relax your mind and having less stress can make you healthier and look younger.

Music can induce sleep. Listening to music will indeed make you feel sleepy, but it also varies on what kind of music you are listening. A study shows that music that has slow beat and low vo lume can make you sleepy faster, it is said that music beat has a connection from your heartbeat which is why slow beat music can make your heart beat slower in a sleeping state that is why you will feel sleepy when you listen to slow beat music.

Music can reduce depression. Some doctors use music therapy on their patients that are suffering from depression, it is said that music can reduce anxiety and muscle tension and it increases self-confidence and it motivates you.

Music can strengthen the learning and memory ability of a person. It is said that music can enhance your memory and motor skills. Music can make your brain more active which results in a better memory and motor skills.

Music can be used as a relaxation technique. If you want to unwind or get away from the chaotic world that we have music can help you with it. Music can take away your attention from the inside world and focus only on yourself.
Music can reduce pain. Our body has itself called morphine or scientifically called opioids that can be found in the brain, the study states that listening to music can trigger the opioids on the brain which can help your body ease with the pain and discomfort that you fell.

This science-based evidence can highly support the music and art programs offered. May the music reach through the ears of the people, so they can gain its numerous benefits.

5 Interesting Things about the Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

You’ve probably heard it if you have ever been to the movies. A lot of people describe it as horrifying, scary and spooky. But we know for sure that it is extremely special. The Toccata and Fugue in D Minor is a special piece of music that gained fame and popularity over the past 2 centuries. It has been played so many times in movies, songs and even cartoons that it became a musical cliché.

But what is the history behind this amazing piece of music? The Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565 is probably one of the most famous and well known musical works played by the organ. The original piece was written by Johann Sebastian Bach sometime in the early 1700s. But it later inspired other musicians and artists to produce remixes and use it as movie tracks that relied on the Toccata and Fugue in D minor as an inspiration. There was even a poem written about it.

But because this piece is so famous, it comes with an interesting history. Here are some amazing facts you probably didn’t know about the Toccata and Fugue in D minor:

  1. Although the piece was probably written around 1704, it remained unknown until 1833. Felix Mendelssohn published the piece because he thought that it was special. He performed it in front of a live audience 7 years after the initial publication. In 1899, Busoni wrote a piano transcription of the piece, which made it more popular later on.
  2. The original composition was probably not meant for the organ in the first place. A lot of scholars believe that it was originally intended for the violin. However, it is the organ that made this piece remarkably famous.
  3. The music work was used in the silent movie era and is usually associated with horror and spooky movies. However, it gained its wide fame when it was used in the Disney cult movie Fantasia. Later on, it became the cliché music of Halloween and other spooky occasions. It is widely known as a scary piece of music and is closely associated with the Phantom of the Opera movie.
  4. A lot of music historians believe that the music work was not written by Bach. This opinion became extremely popular in the 1960s and 1970s. The earliest score contains many un-Bach dynamics but due to the lack of an original manuscript, there is no way they could prove this theory.
  5. The music piece scored high on the modern Billboard Charts on 2 occasions. In the 1980s, Sky made a successful cover for the music work that was very popular that it reached number 6 in the UK charts. In the 1990s, almost 200 years after the first composition of the original piece; Violinist Vanessa Mae recorded a cover for the piece which reached number 16 on the Billboard Charts. This cover was believed to bring the work to its violin origins.

So next time you hear the distinctive notes of the organ, you can actually travel back to the glorious time where the music work was written. There is no way you could miss it.