"Hidden Treasures"


"Hidden Treasures" - Inspired by the incredible collection of Baroque Spanish colonial art at the Baroque chapel at Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Impulso Barocco (Margaret Donaghue-Flavin, recorders; Scott Flavin, baroque violin and viola; Marina Radiushina, harpsichord; and Mikaho Somekawa, viola da gamba) presents works of Baroque Italy, the Spanish Court, and South America. Come experience the intersection of Baroque art and music on November 2 at 4:00pm.

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Tickets are now available through this website or by calling 305-669-1376. Tickets will also be sold at the door before the concert begins.


The Miami Bach Society was founded 26 years ago by Professor Donald Oglesby, recently hired professor of Choral Studies at the School of Music at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida.  It was the 300th anniversary of the great composer’s birth. 

Two and a half decades later the Society has remained true to its founding purpose, to perform and present the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and his Baroque composer colleagues.  The commitment to the highest quality of performance using local performers has expanded to include artists of national and international reputation, origin and residence.  And in addition to its four to six season performances using local artists,  the schedule now includes a week-long early music festival, presenting some of the most celebrated performers of western classical music written before 1800, in the world today.

But what also has remained constant is the nature of the Society.  From its inception, it has been a membership supported organization, with small private donors, large corporations and substantial public and private support augmenting the faithful followers and new converts thereto, increasing in numbers with each succeeding concert.

The Society has also made a concerted effort to promote and perform the music of the Latin American Baroque musical heritage found in the Caribbean, Central and South American countries.  As the bridge between the classical music of the Old World and the New, it has a special mission to transmit these two magnificent traditions from its halfway point between these two worlds.

As the Society enters its twenty-seventh year, its board and staff urge you to join them for magnificent performances of exquisite early music.  Join them in the company of friends and fellow connoisseurs of the joyous art that enriches the spirit, calms the soul and brings peace to one’s sometimes burdened heart.


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